How to Resume Failed Download on UC Browser [100% Working] 

How to Resume Failed Download on UC Browser [100% Working] 

That awkward moment you were downloading a large file through Uc browser, and after some days of pausing the download or maybe a slight network interruption and you found out that you can’t resume the download which is almost complete.

I’ve been in such mess before, when my download was at 86% and noticed that my data has been exhausted. After subscribing to a plan, only for me to find out that i can’t resume or continue with the download as it keeps saying “Retrying continuously”.

This can be very annoying because you will have to start all over again which is a waste of data and time. Anyway, i got your back here on Entclass Blog.

In this tutorial, I’ll teach to you how you can resume failed download on UC Browser, be it video, games, music or any file it may be. Works 100% and tested by me before posting.


  • Once a download failed to resume on Uc browser, just pause it and then minimize Uc browser
  • Now, go to UC browser download folder in memory card. The download folder is named “UCDownloads”
  • In the download folder, there are two files: the main downloading file and a temporary download file with the extension .dltemp
  • Now, move both files to a different folder
  • Go back and open your UC Browser and resume the download.
  • It will start downloading from zero, then pause the download after 60seconds and minimize your UC browser again.
  • Now, open UCdownloads folder in memory card and delete the two new files downloaded.
  • Next is to simply move the files you moved to a different folder in Step 4 back to the UCDownloads folder.
  • After done that, go back to UC browser and resume the download, you will see that it will start from where it stopped/failed, in other words, it will resume the previous download without any inconveniences.

This is just a simple trick i use to resume failed downloads on UC Browser. If you are confused on any steps, I’m always here to help. Kindly drop a comment below.

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